A Nos Amours

A Nos  Amours

was founded in 2011 by Joanna Hogg and Adam Roberts, to present film screenings events that might foster love and understanding of cinema. The little seen and the underappreciated would be privileged, as would be the grey zone between cinema auditorium and art space.

The first screening was a pop-up in a disused and unheated shop space in the middle of winter.  This was Maurice Pialat's film A Nos Amours, which provided a name for the project.

Further screenings followed, introduced  by artists, enthusiasts, experts and academics - such as by Jacques Ranciere, Laura Mulvey, Carol Morely, Will Self, Geoff Dyer, Deboarh Levy, Olaf Möller, Julie Myerson, George Szirtes, Marina Warner,  Augustus Casely-Heyford,  Terry Gilliam, and Richard Ayoade. Also presenting have been volunteers with no experience of public speaking. 


Chantal Akerman Retrospective

ICA London & nationally


Included the commercial cinema release of  Akerman's last film No Home Movie (in association with Contemporary Films), and a one day national release in Picturehouse Cinemas of Je Tu Il Elle.

A symposium at the half-way point welcomed Chantal Akerman as guest of honour

An exhibition of Chantal Akerman instalation works:

Chantal Akerman NOW

Ambika P3 Gallery

Curated by Adam Roberts, Joanna Hogg & Michael Maziere, with the participation of Chantal Akerman

Supported by the Arts Council of England & Marian Goodman Gallery

Chantal Akerman Retrospective Handbook

Publication of a book to share research and writing. Forward by Laura Mulvey.

More than 1000 copies sold

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After Chantal

a three day international academic conference, presented with CREAM (Centre for Research in Arts and Media) at University of Westminster

Eisenstein in Mexico

Thinking about birth, death and rebirth of film works: three versions of Eisenstein's Que viva Mexico

An all day event with screenings.

Speakers included

Erika Balsom, Ian Christie, Sophie Fiennes, Owen Hatherley,  Antonio Somaini and Laura Mulvey

Regent Street Cinema


(Robert Bresson, 1959)

Jacques Rancière invitation talk,

followed by all-day symposium on Cinephilia

Hosted by King's College London


(Bela Tarr, 1994)

A series of 35mm screenings, touring the UK, in association with purge.xxx

A Visionary Rage:

Pasolini's Saint Paul

Screening of 35mm restoration of

Pier Paolo Pasolini

La Rabbia (1963)

followed by a panel discussion about Pasolini's unmade Saint Paul project.

Speakers: Marina Warner,  Ward Blanton, John David Rhodes, chaired by Gareth Evans


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A Nos Amours is a collective founded by Joanna Hogg and Adam Roberts dedicated to programming, promoting, understanding and enjoying over-looked, under-exposed or especially potent cinema.

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